Monday, September 7, 2009

Renewable Energy Priority for China

China plans to put even greater effort into developing its renewable energy industry and cut greenhouse gas emissions to maintain sustainable economic growth in the coming years. Investmens worth more than two trillion Yuan, or 10 percent of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2006, are needed to meet the renewable energy target by 2020, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The exploration of renewable energy is greatly needed in China.

Addressing a press conference in Beijing early this week, Chen Deming, vice minister of NDRC, reiterated that China's medium and long-term target is to boost its fledging renewable energy industry, which is expected to play an important role in sustaining the country's future economic development. Renewable energy is hoped to resolve the serious China’s problem of energy shortage. NDRC plans to raise the ratio of renewable energy in total energy consumption to 10 percent by 2010 and 15 percent by 2020, compared to eight percent at present, Chen said.

Currently, coal annually accounts for more than 70 percent of China's total energy consumption, leaving great potential for the development of renewable energy — hydropower, marsh gas, solar, wind and other clean and renewable energies, he added. According to its ambitious development plan, China's installed renewable energy — hydropower, wind power and solar power generation capacity will increase by 190 million kilowatts, 29 million kilowatts and 1.73 million kilowatts respectively between 2006 and 2020.

By 2020, the nation's installed renewable energy — hydropower, wind power and solar power generation capacity will reach more than 300 million kilowatts, 30 million kilowatts and 1.8 million kilowatts respectively. To achieve this goal, China will have to seek greater international financial support and cooperation to develop its renewable energy industries in the years ahead, Chen said. Renewable energy could contribute to 30 percent of China's total energy supply by 2050, an energy expert estimated on Tuesday.Chinese wind power stations may have the ability to generate 300 to 500 million kw of electricity in 2050 and another 200 million to 300 million kw will be generated by solar energy, Shi Dinghuan, president of the Chinese Renewable Energy Society, said at the Solar World Congress 2007 in Beijing.

The Chinese government also expects and encourages more domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially private firms, to join hands in the development of the country's renewable energy industry, the vice-minister added. He believes there is enough room for both foreign and domestic companies in the huge renewable energy sector.

By Dilan Soon

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Various Ways of Storing Solar Energy

By Naomi West

Solar power is one of the biggest accomplishments that we have made in the the technology world. Thousands of people have placed their time and energy into learning out how it operates and how it has the power to aid us with our average lives. They have discovered that it is able to be utilised to light up homes, warm them, and supply them with the water they need.

Many of us are fascinated by the technology that is solar energy - but hardly any of us recognize precisely how it is able to store all of the power that the solar panels gather. All of the power is from the sun - which is why you cannot gather it during the evening hours when the sun is hidden from us.

Because of this special devices had to be made that would be able to hold it for many hours and with little troubles. There are thermal mass devices that have the power to hold the energy in the form of heat for ordinary temperatures or for distinct seasons.

These devices are more commonly developed with things that can hold up against high heat. This includes earth, stone, and water. Some of the most special and well produced devices have the ability to lower peak demand, lower the heating and cooling requirements, and switch the time it is supposed to be used during the off peak hours.

The phase change materials are also utilised for thermal storage and are some of the most inexpensive kinds. They are more ordinary for residential homes where they are easier to get a hold of and to set up. These materials include Glauber's salt and paraffin wax. The first Glauber's salt solar power heating device was utilised in 1948 in a house in Massachusetts.

Molten salts are used to hold solar power at high temperatures. This is useful for storage medium and are more notable because they are not as expensive and able to hold up against some of the most severe heat temperatures. There are also off-grid PV devices that utilise rechargeable batteries to store extra measures of electrical energy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Solar Energy Phones

By Jack Smith

Solar energy phones are bound to become the must-have product in the future.? As the energy reduced daily, energy saving is an eternal task. The current cell phones are almost use lithium, Ni-MH are all energy consumption, environmental pollution and difficult to recover. I strongly appeal majority people who with social responsibilities pay attention to this industrys development?

The differentiation competition urge the cell phone emerge one after another, such as business cell phone laptop battery, information security cell phone, invisible cell phone. Recently, a new kind of light energy cell phone shocked this area and attractive enough eyes. Explanting solar energy technology to cell phone has enormous appliance value? What is the technology difficulty? And whether it is becomes to the new sea of cell phone industry or not?

Plenty of consumers cell phone always out of battery, so many people have to take along 2 or 3 batteries when goes out, even someone take along the charger daily. Solving cell phone standby problem is concerned by supplier all along, along with the come forth of cell phone multimedia function, standby problem disturb the Solar panel cell phone industry and consumers all alone. Everybody hope to explants convenient, energy saving, safe and reliable solar energy technology to cell phone, make it becomes to the long-term steady dynamic supporting of cell phone in 3G eras wireless life.?

Users obviously feel that the charge frequency reduced dramatically after they use the cell phone battery which utilizes the solar energy technology. The battery working life increased obviously which convenient to people phone conversation, media and entertainment aspects. Meanwhile, new energy, new material is the inevitable trend of cell phone development. Photo-electricity converts technology full of challenges.

Current domestic chips enterprises is in weakness stage in photo-electricity convert chips and low consumption chips technology, it is difficult to achieve mass production, hence, it is difficult to realize domestic purchasing in a short period. Besides, some domestic solar energy monocrystalline silicon wafer company supplied solar energy silicon wafer with low absorptivity universally, it will affect photo-electricity effect directly. Now many laptop battery manufacturer are using the solar panel to design the new battery accessories.

How to increase the solar panel use area under the circumstance of not affecting the cell phone cosmetic, optimize the battery internal management and enhance the photovoltaic conversion will be the further focus and difficulty in technology development of solar cell phone. Now the solar panel can be used in laptop battery.

China now has more than 400 million mobile phone users with huge potential consumer market. In addition, this technology expect to realize on mobile phone, but also can be expanded to MP3, DV, DC, Bluetooth and other consumer electronics products, the application value is very wide. With gradual growth of market and increased feedback of consumer satisfaction degree, solar energy cell phone will be like a webcam as an important standard device of cell phone and become as a guideline for consumers to choose cell phone. Experts predict that solar energy cell phone battery will be a bright point next year.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 Benefits of Solar Energy

By Justin R

Benefits of Solar Energy

  1. Solar energy is renewable. We never have to worry about running out of sunlight or using it all up. The sun is a consistent power source meaning it's always going to be there every day.
  2. Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Compared to fossil fuels which release greenhouses gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide, solar cells don't release anything into the air.
  3. Solar panels are extremely reliable. There are no moving parts so you don't have to worry about replacing anything. In fact, most people generate electricity for 1000s of hours with little or no maintenance.
  4. Solar cells make no noise while collecting energy. There are no other renewable energy sources that are completely silent.
  5. In the long run, solar electricity is cheaper than buying it from the power company. There is a start up cost, but then it starts paying for itself. Once you break even, everything after that is profit. Compare this to paying a monthly bill and getting no return on investment.
  6. There is a huge variety of solar panel systems available. Some can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and some cost just a couple hundred. This means anyone can get into solar, there's an entry point for just about everybody.
  7. You're not required to connect to the power grid. You can be completely self-sufficient and live off-the-grid. Imagine never paying another monthly bill or hook-up charge.
  8. Sell excess electricity. If you build a large enough solar panel system, you can make your electric meter spin backwards! Most power companies will gladly buy or credit you for this excess electricity. Contact your local power companies for more details.
  9. Government tax credits. Most governments will provide some kind of tax credit or incentive for people purchasing solar energy systems. On average, rebates usually cover 20-30% of the system cost. Contact your local representatives for more details.
  10. Solar technology is constantly improving. Solar installations are increasing by an incredible 50% every year, most of which are small homemade systems. Learn how to make your own solar panels and use the benefits of solar energy to your advantage.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pros & Cons Of Solar Energy

By Anna

Every day, households around the world are using up the planet's resources for energy. If this continues, these energy sources will be depleted quickly -unless alternative renewable energy sources are utilized.

One of the energy sources that modern technology has recently put to good use is solar energy. Solar energy isn't anything new, but new technology advancements have placed solar power more into the mainstream, and it may one day be one of our primary sources of power. -

Advantages of Solar Energy

Since solar energy comes directly from the sun, it is not only renewable, but also accessible in any part of the world. As long as the proper equipment is utilized, unlimited amounts of solar power can be collected and put to good use.

Solar power is also one of the cleanest forms of energy, since it creates no pollution, and produces no greenhouse gases or waste products. For residential uses, the use of solar power minimizes negative impacts on the surrounding environment, making it a safer alternative to wind or hydro power.

Not only is solar energy non-pollutant, in terms of gases, but it also causes zero noise pollution - since there are no moving parts in any of the devices which are used to capture the sunlight. Due to the fact that no moving parts are used, maintenance costs are low as well - only occasional cleaning and periodic battery replacements are needed. Most manufacturers of solar panels provide twenty-year warranties for their equipment, guaranteeing long-life operation.

Solar panels placed on rooftops also double as a heat absorbers, slightly cooling the top area of the house which is directly below the roof.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

The most obvious drawback of solar energy is its sole dependence on the sun. Once the weather becomes cloudy, or night strikes, energy collection comes to a halt. However, recent advancements of technology now allow the generated power to be stored in special batteries which provide roughly enough electricity to last a night.

This is why solar-powered devices, including flashlights, are gaining in popularity and are proving to be efficient energy savers. Solar panels can also be expensive, because of the materials that are used to create them. And even when these materials are taken out of the equation, the entire process, considering the other devices involved, can be a bit costly. This includes portable devices that utilize solar energy. But most of the cost involved is in the initial purchase and installation of a solar power system - not running costs.

Fortunately, there are some people who sell damaged solar cells, which are much cheaper. These damaged solar cells can be used to build fully functional solar panels, using the application of simple do-it-yourself techniques. Although in every part of the world, there is at least some point in time when the sun shines, it is also true that direct sunlight is needed in order to make the most of the sun's energy - and to generate the highest amounts of power. This significantly restricts the placement of solar panels. And some areas in the world may receive little benefit, due to lesser sunlight.

What's the Bottom Line?

More research and development continues to be invested into this growing technology, and that's a good sign for the future of our households - as solar power may one day be used more frequently than other energy sources. Of course, solar energy isn't perfect, but it makes a great complimentary addition to other energy forms.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Solar Power Energy

Solar Power Energy System

Now days there are several different things you can use your solar power energy system for home. Solar Powered Cooker- There are lots of plans available to build a solar powered cooker. Solar Powered Lights for the home are probably the most common use of solar power today. The energy we get from the sun is called solar energy. This solar energy powers many homes instead of fuel and oil power. Solar power energy has to be used most effectively and wisely in a home. The ovens and cook stove need to be powered by solar energy.
It is very easy to store the solar energy at home. A solar power system for home is something of a fad these days. In Japan many houses are solar powered and they are comfortable using these energy systems in their homes. Even the Japanese government is encouraging people by giving incentives and rebates to solar powered homes where solar energy system is installed.
In developing countries like India and Africa where many villages are without power and water, solar energy systems are used to power their homes. Many companies in the US are getting into manufacturing solar power systems and builders and developers in states like Nevada, California, Texas and San Francisco are building homes with solar power energy systems in place.
Building material is now made solar enabled so that the power system is insulated while designing the home. Peer pressure and competitive attitude helps home developers to market solar powered homes.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Solar Energy Equipment

"Install Solar Energy Equipment" System

Well, "Install Solar Energy Equipment" System provides an amazing opportunity for you to finally take action and fulfill that wish. Advantages
This technology is considered highly popular for the following reason: "Install Solar Energy Equipment" System requires almost no special technical/professional skills from the user's side to get outstanding results.

Home Solar Energy Equipment
The Hype around Solar Power
Many people are scratching their heads wondering what in the world a solar panel is or how they can effectively save thousands of dollars each year in energy consumption costs. Home solar energy equipment has become a target market for the typical do-it-yourselfers. What a Solar Panel Is and What It Does
Solar panels are devices that convert energy. What it does is takes the energy that comes from the sun beams through light photons and converts it to usable energy. The solar panel takes these light photons and through its converting system, turns that solar energy into electric energy. Sunrays coming directly to the solar panel are required to do this. The reason why it is universally beneficial to use home solar energy equipment for building solar panels is because of how eco-friendly the energy is. Making your very own solar panel can seem complex but it's actually rather simple. First, you need to get the home solar energy equipment to do the construction.
So How Can I Create My Own Solar Power?
Backyards and lawns are usually the best places to place the solar panels for energy consumption.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Efficient Solar Panels

The Most Efficient Solar Panels

Furthermore, as traditional sources of power become evermore expensive, energy derived from renewable sources are becoming more attractive and sought after.
It is estimated, given the world governments' increasing commitment to the use of renewable energy sources, that by the year 2030 some 14% of the world's energy will be provided by solar power.

The term solar panel actually describes two types of device, to give them their technical names:
1. Solar photovoltaic modules
2. Solar thermal collectors.
Solar thermal collectors use the sun's energy to heat water (in domestic use) or other fluids. A good solar hot water panel is able to provide an average household with around a third of its annual hot water supply.
Solar cells are interconnected and assembled into panels which require protection form the environment to allow them to continue to work effectively. The construction of the frame within which the solar cells are housed is vital. A solar panel installation usually consists of multiple panels called an array.

Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are increasingly being integrated into new domestic and industrial buildings either as a principal or an ancillary source of electrical power.
Solar Panels - What is Solar Energy and How is it Generated?
Wind, hydro, and geothermal power are examples of alternative energy, but the most popular option is solar energy.

We utilize solar energy with the help of solar cells. Remember using solar powered calculators in school? Those calculators had a small solar panel, usually above the display screen, which was responsible for powering the machine without the help of batteries. Basically, the solar cells used for these calculators are called photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. Solar energy is environmentally responsible; by not supporting coal/fossil/kerosene-burning energies, we contribute to improving the air-quality. Generating solar energy also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Collecting and generating energy from the sun also reduces the risk of fires. Energy from the sun doesn't involve any such risks.
Solar panels are the safe, money-efficient energy option for the forward-thinking consumer.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Benefits - Solar Attic Fan Vs Electric Attic Fan

Solar powered products are exactly like that. One of the solar products is Solar Attic Fan. Let's compare the solar attic fan with electric attic fan and find out how you can save money.
The solar powered attic fan cost more than electric attic fan. The temperature in attic rises and causing the attic fan to work hard. The conventional attic fan has thermostat that turn the fan when the attic temperature goes beyond 125 degrees. Solar fan installs easily without need of any permits. Electric attic fan has to be replaced after 5-10 years. You do not have to replace solar powered fan for 20-25 years.

Benefits of Using a Solar Powered Attic Fans at Home - Are Solar Attic Fans Worth Using?
Solar powered attic fans functions mainly to ventilate attics and keep attics cooler. Units usually come fully assembled but anyone can install a solar-powered attic fan using conventional materials, tools and techniques. Due to the rising rates of the electric bill, solar power begins to gain its popularity because they provide high-capacity powered ventilation without electric operating costs. They are more affordable to operate than the conventional powered attic fans. - Reduces ambient temperature. Solar powered attic fans provide ventilation without added utility load while reducing summertime cooling loads. - Allows maximum exposure of sun to the solar panel. Because of how solar powered attic fans are uniquely designed, its mounting bracket houses the solar panel, which helps optimize the angle of the panel for it to use much more conveniently than the electric generated attic fan. Solar powered attic fans are adaptable for all locations, roof types and environments. With the solar powered attic fan's powder coat, it allows these fans to withstand any types of environment. Solar powered attic fans suits every attic to help reduce the heat while at he same time decreasing the electric bill. Solar powered fans are perfect for anyone in any environment around the world because of its high efficiency, environment friendly capability and lower electric bills.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Solar Technology - Holographic Tuning

By: Rick Solare

With the renewed emphasis on renewable energy, new technologies are emerging. Holographic tuning is one such technology and could revolutionize solar cells.

Holographic Tuning

Traditional solar panel systems are not particularly efficient and can be more than a bit of an eyesore. Since the panel systems only convert a small amount of the sunlight that hits them, there really isn't any alternative to placing the bulky beasts on your roof. Or is there?

Holographic tuning, also known as Holographic Planar Concentrator, is a new technology with one goal in mind - cheaper and small solar cell collectors. The technology is based on a unique theory in which solar cells are holographically tuned to attract and focus different spectrums of sunlight on solar cells. The cells are tuned to attract certain spectrums that can be converted without excessive heat production. This allows the cells to make the maximum amount of energy while maintaining a very small size.

Current silicon cell technology is restricted to only a few spectrums and is highly inefficient as it fails to covert up to 85 percent of the sunlight into power. To make things even better, the process is being designed to "tune" the solar light onto both sides of each cell, thus doubling the energy output.

The primary advantage of holographic tuning is it will revolutionize the solar panel as we know it. Instead of large, bulky panels that aren't particularly attractive, holographic tuning panels will look similar to regular bedroom windows, but with five or six horizontal rows of black rectangles, the cells. The prototypes are actually very striking and are a major improvement over current solar panel systems.

Prism Solar Technologies is the leading company in the holographic tuning field. The company is a subsidiary of Direct Global Power, and is pursuing the advancement of the technology through an exclusive rights license from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Prism Solar Technologies intends to begin manufacturing of the new holographic tuning solar panels this year. Keep an eye out for these attractive, efficient solar panels.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

All About Solar Panels and Solar Power Installation

By: Patrick32 Thona32

All About Solar Panels and Solar Power Installation

With much of the focus today on how to save energy and use more renewable energy resources, the hot topic (excuse the pun) that many buildings contractors and home owners are talking about are solar panels and how to install residential solar panel and commercial solar panel elements.

You will find today that solar panel manufacture and solar wholesaler companies are starting up all over the world. There are also tons of solar contractor positions that are opening up as a result of the high demand for a solar energy system to be installed at people's homes or offices. The solar rebate is something that many people have also begun to recognize and take notice of and this has increased the demand for solar electric energy even more.

Solar thin film is basically another word for solar panels and represents the thin cellular compounds that are installed on the roof of a building to attract and hold the energy that the sun provides. Energy from the sun is called renewable because it can never run out, which means that it is affordable solar power and one that will not cause harm to the environment in terms of pollution and using up oil and gas resources which are running out slowly. In order to preserve our planet, the solar electric component must be taken advantage of. This solar electricity will power buildings and homes even at night. The solar power designer will have made these panels very durable and good at maintaining the heat that they attract during the day. This means that at night and during days where there is no sun, the energy can still be used to power lights, fridges, heated pools, and other appliances in the home or office. The solar module that you can have installed can be as large or small as you want and need. The more modules you use, the more power you will get and the solar energy company that supplies major buildings will attest to the fact that entire buildings are covered in solar power panels to ensure that they don't use any traditional forms of electricity.

If you want to get solar home panels, there are various solar panel installer and solar power installation companies that can assist you. They will make sure that it is professionally done so that you can gain the most solar incentive from your purchase and help make the world a greener and cleaner place to live. You will be helping to solve the world's energy crisis by getting a solar energy system or solar power system from a solar wholesaler or solar power contractor to power you home and office. Even if you just start off by getting a single residential solar panel for your pool, you will be saving a large portion of energy. While purchasing any kind of solar panel module or solar thin film will be costly, the long term benefits are tremendous and will save you tons of money in energy bills over the years.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Get the best quality solar battery charger and effective solar lights only at SolarCellDepot

By: Vikram kuamr

Solar energy is a natural energy which is received from sun. There are several benefits of solar energy which one can avail. It is a fact that solar energy is cost and electricity efficient. There are several solar powered appliances available in the market like solar lights, solar fans, solar battery charger etc. Solar lights are very efficient and can be used for various purposes. Solar lights are popular as landscaping accents in gardens or along pathways. Solar battery charger is also very efficient and can be used for charging batteries without the use of light. Solar battery charger can even be used for charging solar panels.

There are several companies available in the market which sells these solar powered products but for availing the best quality you can opt for SolarCellDepot. This company has earned its reputation through its quality products and complete customer satisfaction guarantee. You can easily get a wide range of solar powered products like solar battery charger, solar panels, solar lights etc.

This company is not new to the market and you can easily rely on it for getting a quality product.

There are several other benefits too which you can avail by visiting SolarCellDepot. Here are some of them:

Dependable: you can completely depend on this company for getting solar powered products like solar battery charger, solar pumps, solar lights etc. You can believe on this company for getting a fair deal and a quality product.

Low maintenance: some of the solar powered products of this company like solar battery charger and the solar lights need almost no maintenance for many years. The quality of the products is so high that they do not need any kind of repairing for a long time period. They can easily serve your needs for 25-40 years.

Superb quality: the quality of the solar powered products provided by this company is second to none. You can easily get a superb quality of solar lights or a solar battery charger or any other appliance which works through solar power. This unmatched quality benefits you in availing the benefits of solar energy for a longer time period.

Efficient: the solar powered products of this company are very efficient in saving money and electricity. You can easily reduce your electricity bill by making these solar appliances a part of your life.

Low prices: the prices of the solar products provided by SolarCellDepot are very reasonable. They are very low as compared to several other companies. You can easily get quality solar powered products at reasonable prices. After seeing the prices, you will surely feel that you are making a fair deal.

Residential appliances: SolarCellDepot also provides you several residential solar powered appliances which can help you in living a quality life. By making use of the solar lights, solar panels, solar battery charger, solar fans etc you can definitely save a huge amount of money.

Eco-friendly: these solar powered products are eco-friendly which helps in reducing the burden of pollution from the environment. They do not create or produce any substance which is unpleasant to the environment.

Thus, by using these solar powered products like solar lights, solar panels, solar battery charger etc you can not only help yourself but in addition you can also help the environment.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Solar Energy Homes - Need it Badly in This Recession

By Erick Valdes

An increasing number of solar energy homes are popping up around the world. Most people hate getting that huge electric bill each month, but we tend to feel like we have no choice. You've got to have electricity, right? So what other options do you have but to continue to pay exorbitant fees to the electric company?

The good news is that you DON'T have to be tethered to the electric company forever. You can choose to go solar. Not only is solar energy great for the environment, using it will cut your power bills drastically, and even eliminate them in some cases. Some people who are very clever with the use of solar power have even found that the electric company ends up owing THEM money each month, instead of the other way around!

Solar energy was one of the first widely acclaimed alternative energy sources, and it's been promoted for years as the best alternative to traditional electricity. It's got a lot going for it. For one, it's a completely renewable resource. As long as there's a sun, there's going to be solar energy, so you never have to worry about how you're going to power your house when you use it. It's also completely non-toxic and non-polluting. Anyone who cares about the environment will be naturally attracted to the use of solar energy.

However, the thing that attracts most people to solar power is the monetary benefits. In fact, these benefits are what lead the majority of solar power users to build solar energy homes. Solar energy is available to anyone, and can be stored for use during cloudy days. Obviously, if you live in the Arctic Circle, where it's dark for 6 months of the year, using solar power may be challenging during those months. However, you can still benefit from it by using it all summer. It doesn't take much of the sun's energy to power a home, so you'll probably end up with surplus power on really sunny days.

You can actually sell this surplus energy back to the electric company, which is how you can get them to pay you. In fact, the electric company is eager to grab its share of your power, since it costs them less to buy it from you than it does for them to generate it themselves. So, not only are solar energy homes cost-effective, they can actually generate income as well as power. Isn't it time you investigated going solar yourself?


Monday, January 5, 2009

Active 400w Solar Power System

By: Linden Walhard

Solar Power Panels can be used to generate electricity from the sunlight. These use batteries to store the energy which is generated from the sun. There is also an inverter that converts DC to AC electricity so that you can run all of your electrical appliances easily. If you install this solar panel onto a trailer then it is actually very cheap to maintain and operate.

You can also install wireless solar power systems, these supply reasonable amounts of electricity to machines if there is a power cut. You can use this with wireless video cameras

in order to create a very reliable security system.

Not as difficult to install as you might imagine

Solar panels aren’t actually that difficult to install and get working. They can be used to run any portable video system that can be used for either temporary or permanent installations. These systems can provide use without interference for around 5 days. Solar panels are quite light and easy to install.

Solar power generators are fantastic because they don’t cause any damage to the environment. They can also provide power during power cuts. To get enough energy from your solar panels you need to make sure they are located in an area that will get enough sunlight. You also need batteries in most installations to make sure electricity can also be used at night. This will charge a number of batteries at the same time and is completely waterproof kitchen cabinets. Because of the waterproof features they are often used in navigation systems.

Industrial Solar Panels

It is also possible to use solar panels for industrial purposes. The load on these panels in this situation would be very variable, sometimes only 12 volts may be required, but other times 48 volts. A system can be installed that charges huge batteries that can provide enough power for most industrial tasks.

When you buy solar panels you will find that they come fully assembled they are already waterproofed and are designed for easy transportation. They come contained in an aluminium frame so that the whole system is lightweight. The batteries are also lightweight and waterproof.

A 400W solar panel can provide up to 12V of DC current, the battery can provide up to 800 Amps per hour. This makes them suitable for phones, and even traffic and road signals.

Solar panels are completely reliable, they’re silent and they’re very easy to operate. You don’t need to use noisy diesel generators to provide power, you can use the sun! Maintenance costs are very low, if not completely free, which makes the power completely free!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Breaking Into The Solar Energy Industry

By: BootsOnTheRoof

In the face of the current energy crisis, with virtually all of the traditional energy sources rapidly dwindling, there is an increasing interest in alternative energy sources. More and more sectors are realizing the bigger role that alternative energy will play in the coming years, and it is a trend that will likely continue for the foreseeable future. As you can imagine, this will result in plenty of job opportunities in alternative energy, particularly in the field of solar energy. At present, thousands of new graduates from varying educational backgrounds are considering careers in the field renewable energy. These fresh graduates are ideally positioned to fill the needs of financiers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, provided they have the skills and capabilities required in the industry. And that is where the quandary lies. While there is undoubtedly an increasing demand for experienced and qualified personnel in virtually every aspect of renewable energy, the demand greatly outweighs the supply. At the root of this wide demand and supply gap in the labor market, is the incessant lack of programs which train students careers in environmental jobs or green jobs. This void has begun to be addressed by a few educational institutes such as Boots on the Roof, a growing Solar Training institute in the heart of California, which is running a series of very successful solar training boot camps for students nationwide. Interestingly enough, many of the professionals currently working in the renewable energy field began their education in other areas, even in fields that are totally unrelated. That being said, the best way to break into the solar energy industry is still by way of a thorough solar education as provided by traditional learning institutions, and Boots on the Roof is a good example to site here. The younger generations in particular have taken advantage of courses offered by an increasing number of colleges and universities in sustainability and renewable energy. In spite of these programs and similar others, solar companies are still dealing with under-staffed teams due to lack of skilled manpower. Some renewable energy organizations that are currently existent are now offering corporate solar training programs which are targeted towards applicants of different capability levels and interests. Some companies even offer solar training courses for military veterans who are looking for careers in the private sector. You may also want to consider entry-level certificate program such as the ones offered by many technical colleges all over the country. These solar education courses typically consist of 24 hours of instruction, and will provide a basic entry point by which you can explore your opportunities in renewable energy. While technical knowledge and background in solar courses is undoubtedly essential for those who are seeking careers in renewable energy, some basic business knowledge will come in handy as well.

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