Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Various Ways of Storing Solar Energy

By Naomi West

Solar power is one of the biggest accomplishments that we have made in the the technology world. Thousands of people have placed their time and energy into learning out how it operates and how it has the power to aid us with our average lives. They have discovered that it is able to be utilised to light up homes, warm them, and supply them with the water they need.

Many of us are fascinated by the technology that is solar energy - but hardly any of us recognize precisely how it is able to store all of the power that the solar panels gather. All of the power is from the sun - which is why you cannot gather it during the evening hours when the sun is hidden from us.

Because of this special devices had to be made that would be able to hold it for many hours and with little troubles. There are thermal mass devices that have the power to hold the energy in the form of heat for ordinary temperatures or for distinct seasons.

These devices are more commonly developed with things that can hold up against high heat. This includes earth, stone, and water. Some of the most special and well produced devices have the ability to lower peak demand, lower the heating and cooling requirements, and switch the time it is supposed to be used during the off peak hours.

The phase change materials are also utilised for thermal storage and are some of the most inexpensive kinds. They are more ordinary for residential homes where they are easier to get a hold of and to set up. These materials include Glauber's salt and paraffin wax. The first Glauber's salt solar power heating device was utilised in 1948 in a house in Massachusetts.

Molten salts are used to hold solar power at high temperatures. This is useful for storage medium and are more notable because they are not as expensive and able to hold up against some of the most severe heat temperatures. There are also off-grid PV devices that utilise rechargeable batteries to store extra measures of electrical energy.

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