Saturday, March 7, 2009

Solar Power Energy

Solar Power Energy System

Now days there are several different things you can use your solar power energy system for home. Solar Powered Cooker- There are lots of plans available to build a solar powered cooker. Solar Powered Lights for the home are probably the most common use of solar power today. The energy we get from the sun is called solar energy. This solar energy powers many homes instead of fuel and oil power. Solar power energy has to be used most effectively and wisely in a home. The ovens and cook stove need to be powered by solar energy.
It is very easy to store the solar energy at home. A solar power system for home is something of a fad these days. In Japan many houses are solar powered and they are comfortable using these energy systems in their homes. Even the Japanese government is encouraging people by giving incentives and rebates to solar powered homes where solar energy system is installed.
In developing countries like India and Africa where many villages are without power and water, solar energy systems are used to power their homes. Many companies in the US are getting into manufacturing solar power systems and builders and developers in states like Nevada, California, Texas and San Francisco are building homes with solar power energy systems in place.
Building material is now made solar enabled so that the power system is insulated while designing the home. Peer pressure and competitive attitude helps home developers to market solar powered homes.

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