Friday, February 6, 2009

Benefits - Solar Attic Fan Vs Electric Attic Fan

Solar powered products are exactly like that. One of the solar products is Solar Attic Fan. Let's compare the solar attic fan with electric attic fan and find out how you can save money.
The solar powered attic fan cost more than electric attic fan. The temperature in attic rises and causing the attic fan to work hard. The conventional attic fan has thermostat that turn the fan when the attic temperature goes beyond 125 degrees. Solar fan installs easily without need of any permits. Electric attic fan has to be replaced after 5-10 years. You do not have to replace solar powered fan for 20-25 years.

Benefits of Using a Solar Powered Attic Fans at Home - Are Solar Attic Fans Worth Using?
Solar powered attic fans functions mainly to ventilate attics and keep attics cooler. Units usually come fully assembled but anyone can install a solar-powered attic fan using conventional materials, tools and techniques. Due to the rising rates of the electric bill, solar power begins to gain its popularity because they provide high-capacity powered ventilation without electric operating costs. They are more affordable to operate than the conventional powered attic fans. - Reduces ambient temperature. Solar powered attic fans provide ventilation without added utility load while reducing summertime cooling loads. - Allows maximum exposure of sun to the solar panel. Because of how solar powered attic fans are uniquely designed, its mounting bracket houses the solar panel, which helps optimize the angle of the panel for it to use much more conveniently than the electric generated attic fan. Solar powered attic fans are adaptable for all locations, roof types and environments. With the solar powered attic fan's powder coat, it allows these fans to withstand any types of environment. Solar powered attic fans suits every attic to help reduce the heat while at he same time decreasing the electric bill. Solar powered fans are perfect for anyone in any environment around the world because of its high efficiency, environment friendly capability and lower electric bills.

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d powdered attic fan over 15 years ago, it still runs fine, no problems with it. It has a thermostat that I can set , I keep it at 95*F. It moves more CFM than any solar powdered fan I`ve seen, and is a fraction of the cost. Because it`s turned on and off by a thermostat, it runs after the sun is off the roof, taking in cooler evening air, and blowing out the heat that`s built up in the roofing. A solar fan would come on earlier than needed, and shut off earlier than needed.

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