Monday, May 18, 2009

Solar Energy Phones

By Jack Smith

Solar energy phones are bound to become the must-have product in the future.? As the energy reduced daily, energy saving is an eternal task. The current cell phones are almost use lithium, Ni-MH are all energy consumption, environmental pollution and difficult to recover. I strongly appeal majority people who with social responsibilities pay attention to this industrys development?

The differentiation competition urge the cell phone emerge one after another, such as business cell phone laptop battery, information security cell phone, invisible cell phone. Recently, a new kind of light energy cell phone shocked this area and attractive enough eyes. Explanting solar energy technology to cell phone has enormous appliance value? What is the technology difficulty? And whether it is becomes to the new sea of cell phone industry or not?

Plenty of consumers cell phone always out of battery, so many people have to take along 2 or 3 batteries when goes out, even someone take along the charger daily. Solving cell phone standby problem is concerned by supplier all along, along with the come forth of cell phone multimedia function, standby problem disturb the Solar panel cell phone industry and consumers all alone. Everybody hope to explants convenient, energy saving, safe and reliable solar energy technology to cell phone, make it becomes to the long-term steady dynamic supporting of cell phone in 3G eras wireless life.?

Users obviously feel that the charge frequency reduced dramatically after they use the cell phone battery which utilizes the solar energy technology. The battery working life increased obviously which convenient to people phone conversation, media and entertainment aspects. Meanwhile, new energy, new material is the inevitable trend of cell phone development. Photo-electricity converts technology full of challenges.

Current domestic chips enterprises is in weakness stage in photo-electricity convert chips and low consumption chips technology, it is difficult to achieve mass production, hence, it is difficult to realize domestic purchasing in a short period. Besides, some domestic solar energy monocrystalline silicon wafer company supplied solar energy silicon wafer with low absorptivity universally, it will affect photo-electricity effect directly. Now many laptop battery manufacturer are using the solar panel to design the new battery accessories.

How to increase the solar panel use area under the circumstance of not affecting the cell phone cosmetic, optimize the battery internal management and enhance the photovoltaic conversion will be the further focus and difficulty in technology development of solar cell phone. Now the solar panel can be used in laptop battery.

China now has more than 400 million mobile phone users with huge potential consumer market. In addition, this technology expect to realize on mobile phone, but also can be expanded to MP3, DV, DC, Bluetooth and other consumer electronics products, the application value is very wide. With gradual growth of market and increased feedback of consumer satisfaction degree, solar energy cell phone will be like a webcam as an important standard device of cell phone and become as a guideline for consumers to choose cell phone. Experts predict that solar energy cell phone battery will be a bright point next year.

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Edward Robins said...

Solar electricity is very beneficial and practical compared to conventional form like using crude oil as a form of energy, even cheaper than using a charcoal.

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Simtel said...

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Krista Hiles said...

If solar energy cell phones come into the market then the polluting elements like lithium, Ni-MH which are all energy consuming and also difficult to recover will be reduced. This will be a great revolution.

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