Friday, November 28, 2008

Solar cars

The elements of nature have been created for single people. Each person must be purchased, and it is in the nature around us. Simply Travel and explore the hidden treasures of nature and use them to fulfill their basic needs of life. Something that does not need a search lights in the sky. The sun is the source of life on Earth. If there are no Sundays life would have been possible. Sunday emits light, which is known as solar and you have heard, in May and studied on solar energy, which for thousands of purposes. This energy has been used for heating and power by solar energy and so on. If you have read or heard of these things you simply because it is also common. When it comes to solar cars, it is very likely that you stop and think for a while. It is a vision and you wish you live long enough to see that solar racing cars in the streets, do not expect gas, no waiting times at the station gasoline, do not pay more for gasoline. Imagine how quickly you will do your standard of living. Solar cars have been in existence since the mid-19th century. They have been increasing year by year and organizations tend to conserve energy and solar car race each year thousands of people invest their money and bet on solar cars. The mechanism of these cars is very simple. The batteries in these light body car itself fees of solar energy. Then this energy is converted into electrical energy so that the engine run. Now, this is very simple, or rather it seems very simple and without problems. The sun shines every day, and it does not seem to be a problem with these cars. But the fact is that the amount of energy stored in a moment of the cars allows them to run at a very slow pace. The path must be graded and not steep, as it also requires more energy. It will require more powerful batteries and more storage capacity. Have you ever noticed that this is why solar cars are small, light weighted, and can a person at a time? There are many technical facts show that the design of these vehicles as vague.

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Your english is in need of a lot of work. It affects how you are seen. Feel free to delete this, it's just for feedback.

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